I moved to the Waterloo area in 2012  from Thunder Bay. I am an avid dog walker and cat enthusiast.  Over the years, I have cared for: hamsters, tree frogs, birds and turtles, as well as our most common four legged friends. I have experience with many different dog and cat breeds and varying personalities of pets.  I currently share my home with a senior dog and a very affectionate Maine Coon cat.

I am very familiar with aging pets and have had experience dealing with several feline and  canine health issues. these include Cushings Disease,Diabetes, Anxiety, Vestibular Syndrome, Hypothyroidism, and Cancers. I am very passionate about getting our canine friends out walking and experiencing their environment.  Fifty years ago dogs roamed their neighbourhood and came home when they had finished their daily adventure, today they are cooped up in our homes or back yards.

Let me help you get your dog out for a vigorous walk, a chance to travel or track.  Smaller breed dogs and older dogs enjoy a chance to get out and meander and take in sounds and sights in their neighbourhood.

Has your veterinarian said that your dog needs to take off a few pounds? Let me help your canine friend get into an exercise routine to help him get fit and be in optimal health.

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