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Introducing Garth

Garth joined the No Time to Paws family in October of 2019!  In the four months that he has been growing up with us he has lost his house mate Romeo but has made many new friends!   Welcome to the family Garth!!   Our first meeting with Garth .

In Memoriam

When we moved to Waterloo we were joined by our Maine Coon cat Romeo and our newly adopted dog Lucas, an 8 year old Shepherd mix.  Over the years that we have lived here the boys made many friends, and have been the faces of my home based business. Unfortunately, our fur babies don’t liveContinue reading “In Memoriam”

In Memorium

My heart is very heavy this afternoon…I just found out my friend Max passed away suddenly on Saturday ! Just goes to show how precious life is. I met this lovely guy about a year ago! For the longest time I was a kite, flitting behind him as we explored the neighbourhoods in his area.Continue reading “In Memorium”

Thoughts to Paws over…

The ‘Bucket List’ as we age we start to contemplate our mortality, ideas like ‘perhaps we may only have 35 more summers left’ cross our minds.  The concept that those things we have talked about doing, those places we have said we would like to visit, the musician that we absolutely have to see inContinue reading “Thoughts to Paws over…”


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