We love our pets, but our time restraints sometimes do not allow for regular walks or play time, not even for ourselves! Physical challenges in our own lives, our work schedule and social obligations can also prevent us from coming home to let our dog out for timely washroom breaks. I can offer your pet walks in your neighbourhood. Did you know many dog behavioral problems result from boredom, isolation and lack of exercise?  A happy well behaved dog is one that receives daily stimulation, socialization and getting out in the fresh air.  As well as helping your dog maintain  healthy muscles, bones and weight, you will see a significant difference in your dog’s energy level  and overall demeanor after an outing.

At No Time To Paws, we can provide multiple daily visits to your residence, to care for your pets and home, in your absence. Exercise, meals, medication, light grooming, affection and conversation are all expertly provided for your pets. No more coming home to an unhappy pet or an unkempt home. Animals remain stress-free as they “board” in their own homes, where they are safe and comfortable, providing you with guilt and worry free pet and home care.  We would also be happy to bring in your mail and water your plants if you ask!

Have a puppy or senior dog who has difficulty waiting for you to return?  No Time to Paws will let your pet outside for fresh air and relief and a quick walk around the block.

Another service we offer is a home away from home.  If you are going to be away, there could be an opportunity for your pet to stay in home with No Time to Paws .  Space is limited and dependent on availability.

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