Thoughts to Paws over…

Walking through the snow with Sam today and it was fun to watch his enthusiasm as he would jump into a patch of untouched powder and plunge his face down deep, coming back out with a beard of white.  At this time of year when the snow falls, and falls some more, we humans feel inconvenienced and annoyed.  Me, I am like the dog, I love the snow!  You dress for the temperatures and what a wonderful way to spend a half hour! There is this man I pass every afternoon as I am out walking, he is dog less, face red as a beet and boy oh boy, is he surly, he never says hello, just grunts.  As Sam and I strolled along I thought, that maybe if that man had a dog, a friend to join him as he huffed and puffed he might be able to see the world before him in a whole new light.  Friends with four legs are magnificent at helping one enjoy a wintry day!

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