Thoughts to Paws over…

Some of my best friends have four legs.  I was thinking this morning about the animals I have known in my life and the impact that they have made on my heart.  It may sound crazy but some of the strongest childhood memories I have are related to the animals I befriended.  When I was about ten I was walking along our street when I encountered a big Basset Hound.  It was just wandering along, about to cross the street, no human in sight.  I was afraid she was going to get hit by a car as we lived near a busy hospital.  I sat down and began patting her, we became fast friends and the next thing I knew we were walking home together.  I am a consummate animal lover, a bleeding heart really, my Mother, not so much, she will say she likes animals, but she is a very practical woman.  We had a dog at the time and my Mother was not enthused that I came wandering through the door with a droopy eyed dog that drooled.  I knew in my heart of hearts that this gentle, loving dog was not going to become the newest member of our family, but when my Mother said to take her back to the place where I found her and let her go I got rather adamant that this was not something I was willing to adhere to.  I put a leash around her neck and we began walking the neighbourhoods, I walked block after block, hoping someone would recognize her, I knocked on doors, but had no success. When I returned home, my Mother told me to call the Humane Society, as the dog wasn’t staying at our house.  Sadly I picked up the phone and made the call and much to my delight, someone just reported they were missing their Basset hound.  Shortly after I got their contact information I gave them a call and they whisked over to get their beloved pet, her name was Juno and they were so happy that I had found her.  Juno had wandered about six blocks from home, not really that far, but a good enough distance that she was getting further from her house as she wandered.  Over the years I have found many dogs and cats and pride myself on reuniting them with their families. It is funny though, after all these years, how I think of Juno and how she helped me realize how much I loved helping animals.

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