Thoughts to Paws over…

“I can’t stand the rain”, I think that would be Lucas’ theme song.   I don’t mind the rain at all, with the rain comes Spring flowers and lush greenery.  Unfortunately, my pooch does not concur, I woke up last night to hear him pacing up and down the hall.  It seemed quiet for awhile, and then I found my boy in the bathtub, teeth chattering so loud I was afraid he was going to break a tooth.  It was too late for the Thunder shirt, he was in full on panic mode.  Nothing I can do to help when he gets to that stage , he  just has to  ride out the storm.  When I woke up in the morning, he was back in our bedroom, curled up on his bed, sound asleep and snoring.  He’d sorted it out thankfully and was getting some much needed rest.  It’s hard to watch him when he is so scared and doesn’t understand that all the commotion outside won’t last forever.  This morning I was feeling bad that instead of staying up with him until things improved, I went back to bed.  I felt remorse for not being a better friend, all week he has been with my daughter keeping her company when she has been down in the dumps and what do I do?  I leave him in the tub, teeth banging together because I needed sleep.  I did give him a pet and kiss before I shuffled off to bed, but now that doesn’t seem like a big enough gesture for the boy who has so much love to give.  He hasn’t held a grudge, his tail was wagging this morning for me when I we went out for our walk, but today I am thinking of ways to show him how much I love him…perhaps I shall say it with a piece of cheese for a mid day snack?  I need to bring out the big guns,  Tuna, nothing says I love you more, than that fishy water with fragments of meat, drizzled over his dinner.  It is a start at the very least, as well as lot’s of hugs and kisses, which is an even louder gesture.   It  is  very important to ensure that friendship is a two way street and that my boy knows he is appreciated and that I am sorry I left him in his hour of need!

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