Thoughts to Paws over…

The cat and the dog are conspiring with one another!   In our house, Romeo, our rather sizable Maine Coon cat and Lucas, our canine Shepherd mix,  peacefully co-exist.  The boys occasionally share the couch or snooze side by side on my daughter’s bed, but if I was being honest, they live under the same roof, but they do their own thing.  I was struck today that their relationship is a lot like that of my two children.  I have always called my daughters the night and day girls.  They are completely different in temperament and interests, if one likes black the other would choose white, if one wants chocolate chips in their pancakes, the other one insist hers need to be plain.  It has been  a source of amusement for my spouse and I,  as well as trying at times!   And yet, as different as they are, they have surprised me over the years.  I remember once a little boy on our street was being very rough and aggressive with my oldest daughter, our youngest was only three when she came out of no where and got right in his face saying “leave my sister alone!”  The oldest one has always been a bit jealous of her little sister and can be quite bossy, as first borns often can be,  and yet when asked once at a banking appointment who her beneficiary would be, without a seconds hesitation she said her younger sister’s name.    My furry boys are similar to my girls in many ways, I would not say the cat and dog are close, but they are loyal and protective of one another.  Lucas is a loner and likes his personal space and Romeo is the social butterfly and wants as much love as you can bestow on him.  It isn’t uncommon that the cat will try and steal the couch, before the dog can secure a spot.   Lucas, will surreptitiously eat Romeo’s breakfast when no one is looking.  My two boys can be a bit competitive for our affections.   Much to my surprise this morning, I think the two banded together for a common goal.  Lucas had been enjoying the back yard, the snow is almost gone and the sun is shining today.  Romeo is an indoor cat, but itches to get outside when he gets a hint of Spring in the air. I opened the back door to let the dog in, and I was going to take some garbage out to the garage.   As I went to step out, Lucas blocked me, if I went right, so did Lucas, when I tried to go left, he moved into my path again.   I was so busy trying to navigate past him, that I was caught unaware that Romeo was laying in wait behind me.  The next thing I knew, my furry little feline was bounding up the back steps and making a break for it and gosh darn it, the dog was still floundering around in front of me preventing me from getting past him.  Finally, I did a half trip and a leap over him, raced after the sprinting ball of fur,  who has no collar on right now I might add , and pounced on the cat as was about ready to clear the back deck.  As I walked back into the house with Romeo resting on my hip, Lucas stood in the open doorway looking rather sheepish, it was like he was saying “Sorry bro, I tried to help you escape.”   Lesson learned, I will not underestimate the connection that my  furry little creatures have with one another!

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