Thoughts to Paws over…

Will you remember me when I’m gone?  When we lose a pet it can be devastating and hard moving forward.  Often when we have lost a four legged family member we believe we have to soldier on and be stoic.  We suffer in silence because we don’t want to be made fun of, we don’t want to hear the words “it was just a dog!  If your like me, in random places around your home one can find a collection of dog tags in a drawer, because it just feels wrong to throw away that connection.   After we lost our dog Amber I was bereft and struggling how to cope with the loss of my furry baby.  My husband and I were at the garden centre looking for some shrubs to plant and it hit me, I bought this lovely Azalea bush and brought it home .   Right near the spot where she used to sleep under the back trees, I took a bit of her poop and planted it with the bush.  As it grew I  could see it from the kitchen window.  It made me happy every time I laid eyes on it.   Ever since then, when one of our pets pass on, we buy a plant in memory of our departed friend, but I even found this hard in some ways.   We’ve moved 8 times, and I have to leave the reminder behind.  This prompted me to start a new tradition, we buy a kit and make a marker stone in memory of our pets, these are at least portable and I place them in the garden at every new address.  I don’t think I have ever really ‘let go’ of my pets, I still think about them when I say my prayers at night.  I often think as I’m walking through the park or sitting on the couch that even though I can’t seem them, they are all there, crowded in together with me, even if it’s just in my heart.

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