Thoughts to Paws over….



Miss Penny

“Penny the Gypsy Queen.”   Lately, I have had a little friend from the past visiting my consciousness.   Awhile back I lived in the beautiful Shuswap, what an amazing place to call home.  We bought a house that had a beautiful view of mountains in the distance, actually, it didn’t matter where one went..the views were spectacular of mountains, forests and lakes.  One morning I was returning from dropping my girls off at school when I saw this sweet little dog meandering down the street, she crossed a rather busy road, luckily unscathed and tottered off on her own path.  I followed her, thinking she was lost, it turned out she lived a few houses down and after talking to her human I found out that she had a sense of wanderlust.  Penny was always heading out on self guided walks, she was always finding a way to slip out so she could go on a new adventure.   Miss Penny would come stay with me from time to time when her family went out of town, because she was a house guest I would squash her little escapades, I would put the lovely little Gypsy on a leash and she would join my dog Piper and I for our long excursions to admire the views.  The thing about a Gypsy, they can make the best of any situation, they have a marvelous ability to make any house a home.   Today I would like to honour all the magnificent little gypsies out there that loan out there hearts and share their love with their neighbours.  I realized as I thought of my little friend that she and I had more in common than I ever realized, I have changed addresses frequently throughout my life and have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people and see amazing beautiful places.   There is this song by Shakira entitled Gypsy and there is a line it that goes  “Cause I’m a gypsy …Are you coming with me?”   I was humming that line the other day as I thought of my days in the Shuswap and my treks with Miss Penny and Piper, I miss those lovely ladies and I miss those amazing views.  Waterloo is home now, but I can feel a little nose nudging me to get out and explore the world.


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