Thoughts to Paws over…

litterbox water dish

“Good hygiene, enhanced sound well-being.” Lailah Gifty Akita, ‘Think Great:  Be Great!’

This may sound a little crazy, but when was the last time you washed your pets water bowl or food dish?   I have made it a habit to wash the boys water bowl  with hot soapy water two or three times a week and I make sure I dump and rinse them out once a day and replace with fresh water.  Have you ever noticed what happens if you don’t do that?   A rather impervious coating of slime builds up that will give you a true test of how well your dishwasher works.  The same goes for your pets food dishes, I myself make a habit of rinsing and scrubbing the boys dishes after each meal.  Why, because I myself wouldn’t want to eat off of a dirty plate for every meal.   And what about the litter box or your back yard?  Do you regularly poo scoop?  I tend to find when I go away my family isn’t quite as diligent as I am about such matters, recently when I returned from being away for a week I realized our clumping litter had become completely incapable  of doing what it was designed to do, clump.  It wreaked , as I walked down the hall towards the room where the litter box is stowed that smell of cat urine  was all encompassing, I could feel my brain cells frying it was so strong!   Do your feline a favour, scoop regularly and completely clean out the box every month.  As for the back yard, there is nothing my boy loves to do more when he comes back from a walk then roll and rub his face in the grass.  It’s a little sketchy to do that if no one keeps up with the land minds!  Not to mention that occasionally there are a few dogs back there and they like to rip and tear, chasing one another.  I have to say, I am  rather conscientious about my scooping duties, nothing behooves me more when I go to hang out a load of laundry than an errant pile of poop mushed between my toes.  One particular day I had a group of three dogs in the yard for a meet and greet, they were having a blast chasing each other and rolling about on their backs.  I hadn’t noticed that one of the dogs had decided to make a deposit and that one of the smaller dogs had slid through it, later tracking it all through my house.  I can laugh now, but it’s shitty when it happens!   The take away from my rant, your companion has to eat and it has to make waste, but they rely on you to keep things clean and tidy for their well-being.     an interesting read

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