Thoughts to Paws over…


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“I get by with a little help from my friends…”   Diesel loves to have a prize to show off when he is walking…it can be a ball, a raw hide, an errant mitten dropped from a walker, he’s not that particular.  One time he found a baseball cap and carried it for 45 minutes taking it all the way home!  He drops his finds on the front porch and it is comical at times to see his collection.  He loves to find treasures on our walks.   The other morning I pared Diesel and Rupert up for a stroll.  Rupert likes to consume things, he will carry them for a little while, but primarily as he walks he wants to chew the item to bits and make a meal out of it.  Diesel was very industrious and found a rather long chunky limb from a tree, which was rather unwieldy.    Rupert thought that the stick looked pretty enticing and truth be told, his original intent was to take the stick for himself.  Both dogs realized that the branch was a bit more than either one could handle, that is when Rupert decided that instead of trying to get it away from Diesel, he would help bare the load.  Very cute to watch the two of them work together.  We  strolled along with them holding each end for a nice little stretch.


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