Thoughts to Paws over…

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“Do you bring your work home with you?”  Better yet, does your partner do that?  I think we can all say we are guilty to some degree of allowing our working life to creep in to our home life.  What do you do though when your home life is your working life?   And how do you cope when it is the person you are in a relationship with that is the culpable one?  My spouse works at home in the evenings, quietly, well sometimes I hear Thomas Rhett  or Carrie Underwood’s vocalizations emanating from the office, but otherwise, I am not overtly affected by his working at home.  Then there is my job, it is based out of my home!  On any given day my spouse has to share the couch with a 100 pound Golden Retriever, walk in a lake of drool from my friend Newton or wake up to the sound of a cacophony of dogs barking at the front window.  I decided last night he needs a shout out, a hive five, oh heck, a Trente sized Very Berry Sangria from Starbucks!   He’s a good man, he wears a Breathe Right strip on his nose, so I don’t have to listen to him snore!  He uses his inhaler two or three times a night when his asthma acts up,  so my cat can sleep on our bed!  Last night, he really deserved my gratitude!  We have one rule, our dog isn’t allowed on our bed, as our boy Lucas is a good size and our cat takes up about a third of the space and I recognize we need somewhere to put our legs.  There are always exceptions to every rule, when Cooper comes to visit he has his area carved out, the Grand Puppy is also allowed to curl up with us and recently Sam found his way into our bed!  Last night we had a sleep over with Sunny, who isn’t a big fan of storms so we threw out the decree of no dogs in the bed, and she joined our trio.  She isn’t a big dog, so that is a plus, but she was having a wee bit of difficulty getting herself situated and as I lay in the darkness listening to her going back and forth things suddenly got quiet and I wondered where she was, as I couldn’t feel her at my feet.  “Are you awake?”  I asked my spouse.  He responded with a yes, I then asked, “Do you know where Sunny is?”  He was quiet and then chuckled, “Yes I am very aware of where Sunny is, she’s with me.”  I sat up and began to grope around and I found her, laying across my spouse’s midriff.  When I asked if he wanted me to move her he said nope, to leave her be, she was comfortable.  So I need to acknowledge that it is pretty cool that my spouse not only puts up with my bringing my work home, he also let’s me bring my work to bed!!!

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