Thoughts to Paws over…



When the unthinkable happens!   We love our pets and they are very much part of our every day life.   Truth be told, I spend more time with my cat and dog, then I do with any of the significant humans in my life.   For our fur babies, we are their world.  We bring them into our homes, we feed them,  take them for regular vet checks and go about the day to day business of caring for them, at some point they get old or their health declines and  they pass on.  That is usually the natural order of things.   People don’t like to think about their mortality, but most of us adults have wills about who gets Aunt Ida’s Waterford Crystal and the engagement ring that Grandma left to us, and who has Power of Attorney if we have a medical crisis.   We put plans in place to help our loved ones deal with our passing.   I think one thing we don’t always plan for though is where would our four legged friends go if something were to happen to us?  I have had two wills done in my life time, and both mention the family pets that were in our lives at that time and made provisos for their care and instructions on whom they were to go to.   I realized after a point that the pets have come and gone and the current ones I have are not mentioned in the will I have, that being said, I have thought about both my boys and I have made it quite clear to my children whom I would like to see them live out their days with.  It’s a big responsibility  to bestow on another person, but something we might over look in our pets care is making a plan if the unexpected were to happen.  I take care of people’s pets while they go on vacations, and I have to admit I have never really had the discussion with any of them, what would happen to “Fluffy” if a tragedy were to occur.  Planes do fall out of the sky, hurricanes take out resorts, and sometimes we go to sleep and never wake up, that’s life.  But what about that lovable creature who is part of your family, what happens to them?  It would devastate me to think that my dog or cat ended up in a shelter if I passed on, I realize I am gone…I realize that asking someone to assume the responsibility of their care is a big ask, but if we have children we put a plan in place for them, why is it any different for our pets?   All I ask is that you think about it, maybe have a discussion with someone you trust, even if it is just for that person to find a new suitable living arrangement for your furry friend.   No one wants to think about such morbid thoughts, but we should!  Take some time and maybe put a note with your will or a note in your sock drawer, something somewhere, that states who you would like to take care of your best friend if you are no longer able to do so.

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