Thoughts to Paws over…




Vacation mode….what a good mode to be in!  Or maybe not?  It’s September and summer is coming to an end and people’s routines are returning to normal with work and school life.  I decided to take a wee bit of a break last week and booked a cottage.  I didn’t have a total change of pace, as the Grand Puppy came along and we were walking him twice a day, but it was nice to take a bit more of a lackadaisical approach.  I left my younger daughter in charge of the homestead for a week, which meant she was taking care of our dog and the two cats and she took over a few of my dog walks too. I returned home Sunday  and by the time Monday morning hit I was wishing I was up North again!   The cats decided that I needed to be punished for leaving them behind and kept me up all night!  One cat was wanting to be fed constantly and was swacking at the dishes making a tremendous amount of noise, whilst my boy Romeo laid on the head board jumping up and down every so often.  When one is sleep deprived it is rather daunting to be mindful enough to dodge a 20 pound cat from landing on ones face for over two hours.  By five a.m. I had totally lost any sense of calm or ability to make light of the situation and evicted the two felines, ejected might have been a more apt sentiment, but I showed restraint.  As I laid in bed trying to resume my REM state or heck, any state of peacefulness, the cats were out in the hallway making sure I knew they were displeased with me by meowing loudly, which disturbed the somewhat deaf dog.  Lucas was miffed by the closed doorway, as he usually skulks up to my room in the mornings, part of a charade he puts on as he thinks I don’t know he prefers to sleep on my daughters bed, he decided he should join the protest and began pacing and snuffing outside the door.  Forty-five minutes later I was on my feet and resigned to be awake. Night two wasn’t quite as nuts, but my dear Romeo was removed once again around 5:30  when his antics became more than I could tolerate.   Today I am left with trying to decide whether it’s better to forgo the concept of a vacation and stick with routine.  What I do know, sleep is not underrated!!

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