Thoughts to Paws over…

That moment when you write a rather witty blog about a near death experience and you realize that you accidentally deleted it…deep cleansing breaths!   Some days I feel like I need Danger Pay!   It is raining today, but I don’t let that dampen my spirits, I am not going to let a little precipitation prevent me from taking my charges out for a good long stroll.  As the boys and I headed through the park this morning, it began to pour, and although I am not made of sugar, my pooch Lucas is!  Soggy and trembling I steered us towards home, but the skies opened up and the rain disappeared, we hadn’t been out very long so why not do another lap.   The road we headed down has no sidewalks, but I am all about safety, we face traffic and hug the shoulder of the road.  I looked up and noticed an SUV coming towards us with a gentleman driving.  He was driving at a good clip, his body was stretched over the back seat, his right arm swiping at his children who were either having some sort of distress or behavioural issue.  He didn’t slow down, he was having a moment where he was in a hurry to get where he needed to go and was distracted, completely oblivious to the fact that he was veering up onto people’s lawns and driving like madman.   Thankfully, I was paying attention, the dogs and I took the high ground and got out of his way.  He drove on past, still focused on things going on behind him and not on the road, completely unaware he could have hit us.  The take away for me was to always be mindful and in the now.  Thankfully, the condensation and Mr. Mom didn’t turn the morning into a total wash out!   For the dogs and I it was all part of the adventure, after all, when they are with me,  there is “No Time to Paws!”

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