Thoughts to Paws over…


Everyday it’s all about averting “cat-astrophe!”   There are days that I truly understand why it is dangerous to have a cat.   My boy Romeo likes to lay on the stairs, making it rather unsafe to be in a hurry when going up and down, and god forbid you have something in your hands!  He likes to stealthily jump onto the cushion where one is about to rest their back side.  One of his favourite pass times, swishing his tail underneath a person’s foot as they are walking by, first off it startles you as you recoil thinking “What the heck is that?”  and secondly it sets you off balance.  Everyday, it is all about staying up right!   Today, as I went to throw out some garbage I realized the trash can was incredibly stinky,  it needed to go out to the garage, I picked it up and with purpose headed towards the stairs.  Romeo seized the opportunity to make the experience less mundane and more adventuresome.  Garbage can out in front, I caught a blur of grey fur whisk into my trajectory,  seeing impending disaster and reacting fast enough to it, are two entirely separate phenomena’s.  I am not sure why attempting to break the neck of the person who is responsible for your care seems like a whimsical way to entertain oneself, but that hasn’t deterred my frisky feline yet!   Perhaps he thinks that humans have nine lives too?  As I tripped over him and launched sideways, I somehow managed not to fall headfirst down the stairs, instead I gave my elbow a good thwack on the closet door.  I passed with flying colours, managed not to break my neck and the smelly garbage is no longer stinking up the kitchen!   Romeo is now safely curled up on the living room chair, most likely plotting his next opportunity to test my reflexes.  Life with a cat, there is never a dull moment!

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