Thoughts To Paws over…

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People Magazine just named Dwayne the Rock Johnson as their Sexiest Man of the Year!  I was outside raking leaves with this very handsome love and I thought he deserved some props today!  He has the distinction of being my very first client in KitLooBridge!  When he comes to visit he usually stays for a week or more at a time, so he is extremely at home with our family!  He is the only one of my clients that I have ever trusted off leash to stay with me on walks and he is also the only one whom I will allow to laze on the front lawn untethered while I do yard work!  I love all my clients, I truly do, each one has a special place in my heart, but this guy has a very prominent position.  Harley,  is a sweet, patient and amazing boy and is Lucas’ best bud and I am truly grateful to call him my friend.  Feast your eyes on some Golden Magnificence People!!


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