Thoughts to Paws over…

Has your pup fallen prey to the “Zoomies”?   I was at a gathering recently and I got chatting with a lovely young lady about her Great Dane, she was explaining how her young canine friend would get rather exuberant and race around the apartment crashing into things, she called it the “Zoomies”.  I have never heard anything so apt to explain the frenetic behaviour of a young dog trying to release a flood gate of energy.  I have a few clients who experience the “Zoomies” on a regular occasion!  Take Diesel, for example, if he experiences a change in texture under his feet, like going from gravel to grass, he becomes a down right nutter!  Rustle some leaves or make a sliding sound on some ice and he can’t contain himself!  I think that the term “Zoomies” should be included in the Webster’s dictionary, with the following definition:  to race around with a boundless degree of zest, vigor and effervescence for what seems to some, like the most mundane and an explicable reason.


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