Thoughts to Paws over…

Holy Crap!!   I hate it when the snow melts and the back yard is like a mine field!  I used to whimp out when we lived in Thunder Bay and think it was too cold in the wintry months to go out and do recon (which might I say in that region of Ontario lasts from October to May some years) , so I would wait until the Spring, which was a very bad move!   It would take days and our largest garbage can to clean up the disaster.   I had a new resolve when we moved to Waterloo to be more diligent about keeping up with the crap in the back yard!   I thought I had been very conscientious about getting out there and making sure that things were taken care of, as I have had three large dogs living under my roof.  Sometimes the weather conspires against my good intentions.  We had a lot of heavy snowfall for the past four days followed by a recent onslaught of rain in the last twenty-four hours which has helped me to realize that I haven’t been as meticulous as I thought I had been?   I just spent a half hour stooping and scooping, as the rain revealed that the back yard isn’t a place I want the dogs cavorting with one another.  I swear to goodness , I am going to be running around the boys with a shovel or perhaps I will find one of those bags they strap onto the back of horses, to keep up with pooduction.  Anyway, there was a different reason why I began blogging about such a Shitty topic.  It is one thing to have to expend an effort to clean up after the boys, but I happened to notice that wherever the dogs had done their business, the back yard bunny, that lives under my porch would do it’s business beside or on top of the wet mushy piles that I had erroneously missed, so I had double duty!   What a bummer of a way to spend an afternoon….  tee hee!

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