Thoughts to Paws over…

img_2134 img_2135

What a sad looking sight!  No, I didn’t put him in a time out, this was self imposed!  The idea of sequestering himself in the crate, was is reaction to my putting the cushions up in a position that prevents he or one of our house guests from laying on my upstairs love seat!  How rude!   Lucas knows that he is allowed on the couches as long as there is a blanket on it!   Everything was great, he was sound asleep on his side when things went a muck and it wasn’t his fault.  It was HER, that fun little nit wit that comes to stay with us now and then, she made a boo boo on her side, which resulted in things needing to be washed and now his favourite resting place is off limits!  Such a sad state of affairs…not like there isn’t another sofa in the basement with a blankie on it, or a comfy dog bed from Costco in the family room, or another dog bed in the Master bedroom. The dog has options where he can rest his weary bones!  I added insult to injury, when I turned on the vacuum,  one more annoyance, so he slunk off to the back room and curled up in a ball!   Shame on me!  It’s a tough life, all the poor old guy wants to do is find a quiet place to get comfortable and have a snooze and the females in the household are conspiring against him!  Never fear, his confinement didn’t last very long, ten minutes later I came down the hall towards the bedrooms with the Dyson and he harrumphed and disappeared, it appears he doesn’t hold a grudge though!


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