I have figured out how to get the sun to shine!   I walked over to get Marcus for a morning stroll and it was over cast. I got his leash on and was planning on taking his house mate Sunny when we returned.  She walked towards the storm door and suddenly the clouds disappeared.  I decided that Sunny was a good luck charm, I put her sweater on and off we went!  Wow, was it ever soothing to the soul to feel those rays beaming down on us.  We took our time, meandered through the neighbourhood, managing not to wipe out as it was a little slippery.  I myself felt awesome, seeing the sun was a total mood booster!  I was humming in my head “I’m walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves and segwayed into “Sun, sun, here it comes…” by the Beatles.  Blue skies are just what the doctor ordered and the cold didn’t seem to bother any of us!  Great day…Sunny…Marcus…clear skies and the suns warmth!


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