Thoughts to Paws over…


Spring is in the air, a time of rebirth and renewal! I saw white crocus flowers peaking up through the ground and our grape hyacinths were also pushing through the soil. What a visual delight this weekend to see evidence that the seasons are changing!  With the milder temps comes the muck and rain, it is hard to know what to wear when getting ready to head outdoors…do I need a hat, do I need mitts, what weight of coat will be just right?  It’s exciting to be able to shed the layers of clothing, that the need for my winter boots is decreasing and I can bring my ipod with me as I don’t have to worry about battery drain!  It’s such an invigorating and inspiring time and my four legged friends echoed my sentiment the other day.  I have a cute little client that came for doggie daycare, it’s been a little while since he has hung out with us.  He and our cat Romeo have a good relationship, they often share the same corner on my bed when he has a sleep over.  Yesterday as he came into the house my kitty gave him a little nuzzle on the nose and the next thing I knew the humpty hump dance was in full swing! Never before have I seen these two be so amorous with one another.  This continued sporadically throughout the course of the day…the two would give each other an appreciative glance and the ritual would commence once again!    With the signs of warmer weather, with the concept of being cooped up inside nearing a close,  we are all feeling a little more hopeful and energetic!  As there is a break in winter,  the signs of Spring are rather intoxicating to all creatures!  I felt like I needed to put on a little Barry White or some Marvin Gaye to help celebrate, love is in the air!


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