Thoughts to Paws over…

Dear Human:

I find myself at a loss, I am unhappy and unsure how to convey my displeasure with you!   I have had many changes in my life before I met you and things just never seem to stay the same.  I have moved five times since coming to live with your family!  I have had to share the living space with another cat, whom frankly isn’t my type of guy despite how much you all seem to be charmed by him!   Then you brought this big ass dog home that I am certain has eaten cats in it’s past and has some how fooled you that he is “cat friendly!”  I followed the human I liked most across the province,  moving away from three of the people I was used to, those two  furry creatures I was forced to live with (which I thought was a win, win) and that rather nice big four story house that I had the run of.  I wound up living in a small one bedroom apartment that I have to say was loud and tremendously hot in the summer with you and your housemate, I am amazed I didn’t suffocate!  Just when I thought I was getting used to the apartment life, we moved…at least at the new place I could safely go out on the patio and watch the squirrels, but then for some reason you decided you needed to get a puppy, what the heck?  I mean really, was I not enough?  Then you started packing your stuff into boxes and changed addresses AGAIN!  At least the new location was a cute little house, I learned to cope with that dang hyper, yappy dog that you felt you needed to add to our family.   Little did I know that the dog was just the beginning of having to share your affections!  Next thing I knew you were bringing home a baby…a freaking needy, smelly little human that seems to need an inordinate amount of your time and energy and suddenly I am no longer allowed to lay on you because HE is always in the way and you shoo me off the bed!   Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse you started packing up all our stuff and putting it in boxes for the fifth time since we have been co-habitating and we were changing homes again!  I like the new place, don’t get me wrong, it’s bigger and there is lot’s of space to roam but I have to say….I feel frustrated, unsure and confused.  Every time something changes I try and let you know that I am not managing that well…I am sure you have smelled my pee on your couch, and various beds that I have had accidents on.   I am not coping well, I am anxious and lick my back until it is raw, I pee and I feel angry and sad and I worry that you might give up on me!  I am scared that you will forget you used to love me and I used to be the light in your day!  That you loved coming home from school and cuddling with me and it was just you and me, I miss those days!  I miss feeling like I matter!  I am sorry I am disappointing you and I want to do better, so I hope you can figure out how to help me!  Please be patient, I am not sure how else to let you know I am floundering.

Love you, the disgruntled feline

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