Thoughts to Paws over…

Just me and my man!  The house was so quiet last night!  Kind of cool, but ever so strange.  I enjoy being busy, and I love my visitors,  the house is a flurry, or maybe a furry, of activity usually.    On the weekend we took our Romeo to visit my daughter as we are about to have a handsome boy come to visit who isn’t aware that cats aren’t an appetizer we provide for our most valued house guests!   My spouse and daughter weren’t home, that left just Lucas and I to ramble around.  I didn’t have to feed Mr. Kitty every few hours.  It was interesting really, some people lead peaceful existences like this!  They get a solid night of rest.   Lucas slept, that’s what you do when you are a senior dog, variety comes in the form of occasionally trading one resting place for another.   As I followed my somewhat normal routine this morning, it felt so mundanely tranquil, no cat lazing about to keep me on my toes, no visitor’s dog laying in front of the shower waiting for me to take them for a walk.  I guess I got a glimpse of what life might look like in ten years or so…not a bad thing, just different.   What I did realize is I appreciate my four legged friends who keep my days fun filled and far from monotonous.  A state of calm is a wonderful experience, for a night…but I am quite thrilled today to have Newton resting under the desk, nudging at my elbow looking for attention and Sam about to come join us so the two can romp about and bring a little effervescence to my otherwise sedate morning!  If things don’t liven up I might have to consider a changing the name of my business to “Resting Paws” as that summed up the scene around here yesterday!

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