Thoughts to Paws over…

Exciting evening in my back yard!  I have a few squirrels that find my yard a wonderful place to pass the time!  Some have gotten quite bold, as the resident pooch is slowing down and not as agile as he once was, so they will meander around the base of the feeder and troll the garden looking for a meal.  Which is fine by me, but this week  I have a lovely Husky living with me, whom is also getting up in years, but is always up for a challenge.  Whenever I open the door to the back yard he is off like a shot, with my boy Lucas in hot pursuit.  My primary concern has been for my resident bunny that lives under the deck, so I make sure I chaperone the gents when Nature calls!  This evening the boys tore up the back stairs to the yard, as they had caught a whiff of something good.  I heard a raucous and felt the colour drain from my face, I thought they had cornered my rabbit.  I bounded up the steps and headed across the deck and came to an abrupt halt as a wide-eyed squirrel came racing towards me, with the two dogs rapidly closing the gap.   I felt awful, it had two drooling beasts waiting to get their chompers on it and now it saw me as another impediment to surviving the night.  I was yammering away at it not to worry, but apparently  my less than calm, rather shrill attempt to assure safe passage, because it scurried back in the direction of the boys.  I have to say I felt a little confused how I could appear more menacing than two huge canines?  The crazy little rodent zigged back and forth on the grass, in a fabulous effort to confuse the old dogs and somehow made it up the ladder to the fort built around our Silver Maple and out of harms way!  Man oh man, was I relieved, I had to sit down I felt so overwhelmed.  The squirrel sat in the Y of the branches and regained it’s composure as well, before climbing higher.   I am ever so thankful there was a happy end to that heart palpitating back yard romp!

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