In Memorium

My heart is very heavy this afternoon…I just found out my friend Max passed away suddenly on Saturday ! Just goes to show how precious life is. I met this lovely guy about a year ago! For the longest time I was a kite, flitting behind him as we explored the neighbourhoods in his area. Craig and I liked to joke that he was like Inspector Clouseau….he was a comical boy, who loved to investigate every bush and telephone poll, he would without malice take out a flower bed with his antics or drag us into a tree, every walk he made us laugh ! I will miss how he greeted the other dogs he met , he would lay down, his whole body vibrating in anticipation and watch as they approached with this expression on his face that read “Hi I am Max, do you want to be my friend?” Goodness me, I will really miss your smile and how you waited by the door for me every night and would pounce on me and lick my face! Love you Max, Rest In Peace.❤

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