Thoughts to paws over…

Cold January days.  When we are out and about in brisk wintry weather I ponder when to put a jacket on the dogs and when not.  I have been admonished by people without dogs and some with, that your dog doesn’t need a coat.  My old guy, his coat was thicker a few years ago, but as of late he has a lot more exposed skin in patches under his arm and chest area and frankly, he actually shivers at times.  I have two coats, one that is more to break the wind and keep him from getting mucky and the other that is quilted and provides warmth to his core.  I think it is a matter of preference really, I understand that dogs have fur, but when it’s -25 out and your coat is very short, I tend to worry.  When we go out it’s not a stroll around the block, we head out and at minimum return a half hour later.  I appreciate my layers!  My rule of thumb, if the temperatures are hovering around -5 without a wind chill, I don’t worry about a jacket, but if I lose the feeling in my hands from stooping and scooping, then a jacket for the dog isn’t a bad thing.

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