Thought to paws over…

Today it was -17 out as I strolled through the park with Sam.  It struck me that usually when I walk through that particular park I encounter at least one or two people walking their dogs.  Not today, it was just Sam and I.  Often when I’m out dog walking I will think about clients pets, or my two boys at home or in today’s circumstance I got to thinking about Nishka, my husky that passed on five years ago.  She loved winter, watching Sam bury his face into the snow and hop into the fresh pristine patches of white made me smile and think of how much my girl loved her walks.  Which then lead me back to my original thought of Sam and I alone in the park, I don’t think we were alone.  As crazy at it sounds, I imagine all my past pups following along with us.  That’s the special thing about our four legged friends, they never truly leave us, they are always in our hearts, even after they leave this world they bring a comfort and sense of well being to us.  So today, I’m feeling blessed for the paw prints left on my heart.

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