Thoughts to Paws over…

Went on a long walk with one of my four legged friends today.  It was sunny, but very windy and cold and as we walked along quietly I got to thinking about a family member who is currently struggling with a very aggressive form of Cancer.  I was lost in thought when I realized that Mia kept looking up at me, and at one point, she nuzzled my hand that was holding her leash.  Her simple little gesture spoke volumes to me,it reminded me to never under value the intuitiveness of dog and to appreciate her companionship.  Animal friends are incredibly perceptive and are very capable of sensing when we are happy or troubled.  Getting some exercise is always a good way to clear ones mind, but getting out for a walk with a friend at your side who is there to share your time and help lessen your load is incredibly valuable.  It made me sad for all those people out there who don’t have an animal friend, the friendship of an animal is such a blessing on so many levels and it is a relationship that really has a wonderful balance of give and take. Most of the dogs I walk , don’t live with me on a full time basis, and yet they seem to have an understanding of who I am, normally when I walk with them I chat away to them, but when I am quiet, they seem to sense that those are the days that I could really use a lick on my nose.  Mia, when I dropped her off at home, went as far as to nuzzle her head into me as I cleaned her paws, and just stayed there when I was done, she gave me a kiss and wagged her tail, one of the high lights of my afternoon.

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