Thoughts to Paws over…

When I am out walking I often run into clients walking their dogs…first off, I love seeing my four legged friends, because they truly are my friends.  I was saying to my spouse, as he joined me this afternoon, that I often feel weird being remunerated for my services, as I get incredibly attached to the pets I walk and sit.   My hubby made an interesting comment, he asked me if I would feel guilty for getting paid to serve someone coffee, to which the answer was no.  He then said it was funny how people can feel guilty to be compensated for doing what they love and which is so true!  I do really love what I do!  I look forward to my visits, my walks and I am happy when I encounter one of my furry friends when I am out and about.  I really do have an awesome job, my pet friends help ground me, provide solace, companionship and lot’s of smiles and laughter! That expression “Do what you love and you will never work a day!”  Perfect!

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