Thoughts to Paws over…

Spring like weather today, totally awesome!  A rather comical thing happened one of my walks, which  reminded me of something my spouse did a decade ago. He had gone to pick up our daughter from a friends home, I was standing at the front window when I saw our Cherokee coming around the corner, my daughters bike on the roof rack.  As I saw my spouse making the turn I noticed a very attractive woman standing at the mailboxes across the street and I realized, he’s so intent on that lovely specimen, he’s going to forget that he has the bike and drive into the carport, and sure enough, in a split second “bang”.   The roof rack was bent, the bike a little dinged and we had a good laugh and a great story we love to rib him over.   Today as I was walking along with one of my furry companions a gentleman opened his front door and heard him talking to someone else saying he was taking the dog, I wasn’t sure if his dog was going to bolt out at us or was on a leash, so I was intent watching for a darting dog  and it appears so was my canine friend!  She was so intent on getting a look at the dog  coming off the porch, she ran into an electrical box at the end of the drive. Both of us were startled.   I scooped down and picked her up and gave her a hug, she was fine.  It reminded me though, that we all get distracted from time to time and we all can focus on things that seem more exciting at the time, but that curiosity can led us places that we don’t intend to go.

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