Thoughts to Paws over…

Those Bitches have attitude…  I have always held the bias that female dogs are more easy going, friendly and can roll with whatever comes their  way and that male dogs are more aggressive, want to get into fights and are  quicker to escalate.  Well, I have realized that the male dogs that I take care of,  are a lot like men, you put a group of guys in a room that have never met each other and they find a place to set into and get comfortable, sure they may mill around and do a little posturing to figure out who is ‘the man’, but they can usually co exist without drama.  The thing that surprises me, I have these two completely lovely girls that are exuberant and up for fun, I assumed these two would be immediate friends and cavort around the house playfully.  Wrong,  I got the two girls together and the theme song for the moment was not “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, nope, it was more like Rihanna’s song “Good Girl Gone Bad.”  The girls wanted a piece of one another, it was like there was one designer hand bag left and it was going to be theirs!  I was scratching my head a little wondering how these two sweet hearts weren’t fast friends, and then it came to me, both of them are like my shadow and follow me around the house, and the light bulb moment occurred, ” I was the designer hand bag!”  I was also reminded of my elementary school days when you would have this really great friend, but she was also really great friends with another girl. and then the three of you would get together and someone would always feel like the third wheel.  The girls have attitude because they don’t want to be a twin shadow, and I respect that.  It’s okay if the Bitches have attitude, it’s not about fitting a mold that girls are supposed to fit, it’s okay if the girls aren’t nice all the time as we might like them to be.  If you are a Bitch, you don’t have to say you’re sorry…it’s perfectly all right!

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