Thoughts to Paws over…

Hanging out with my kitty today, I have to say as far as cat’s go, he is the most easy going, chillax feline I have ever met!  Romeo came to me as a Foster, after two weeks, I knew he was a keeper, too unique and special to let him go.  He is so affectionate and kind, his heart is truly made of gold!  At night, my little furry love is always cuddled up by my feet…that is, if things are going smoothly for me.  If I am having a tough time, he curls up on my shoulder and purrs by my ear, he takes his paw and he will touch my cheek gently, it is the coolest thing ever.  My sweet pea will also cuddle up to me if he is having a tough time, if he has had a rough day, he will not stray from my side.  Romeo, has a rare defect where his liver is wrapped around his heart, because he has a void where his liver should be, his stomach shifts, this creates a lot of issues health wise for him.  Because his insides are rather jumbled, he also gets crystals in urine and has had a few nearly fatal blockages.  Romeo’s first issue was the crystals, the emergency  vet we had thought he had a fluid sac around his lung and basically after  a rather emotional conversation , suggested we put him down.  I had a nagging little voice in my head that said, go see your own Vet for your own peace of mind.  So off we went, and the second opinion, albeit, not a good news, her suggestion was take him home and love him, he was here for a good time, not for a long time.  I laid with that cat on my chest for long stretches of time each day, he would purr and purr, so loud you could hear him on another level of the house.  He was at deaths door, but he managed to soak up all that love and fight, and here we are, four years later, and he’s still purring!  It’s a mutual admiration society, we have each other’s backs.   As I sit hear typing, he is right beside me, with that ultra loud purr of his, he’s happy to be here and I am equally thrilled that he has managed to stick around!  He’s my little miracle and I am thankful for him every day!

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