Thoughts to Paws over…

Do you consider yourself a dog person?  Have you ever really thought what that means?  I was pondering that concept the other day when walking one of my clients over the lunch hour.  I went in to pick up my four legged friend and was so busy greeting her and so excited to get our walk started I barely said hello to the human being that greeted me. As we were heading through the park I thought how socially awkward I can be when trying to talk to people.  I am that person when they are walking that will talk to your dog, ask your dog’s name and when I see you the next time I say “Hi Maggie” and then it strikes me a few minutes later that I didn’t acknowledge the human at the end of the leash.   I have often said jokingly “I like animals better than I like most people.”   It’s not that I don’t like people, I am also the same person that will strike up a conversation with a random stranger at the grocery store and you’d think we’d been friends for years.  It’s just that I truly love the acceptance and energy that one receives from animals.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we greeted the people we meet with exuberance and zeal.  Nothing feels better than watching a dog’s whole body vibrate and tail wag as they say hello.  Dogs have a way of making one feel like a rock star when they greet you!  It’s great to feel accepted for you who are.  So when asked, am I a dog person or animal lover, the answer is whole heartedly, “Heck Ya!”

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