Thoughts to Paws over…

You may think I am covered in fur, but I see it as being coated in love.  I have to be honest, I am not a fashion maven! I don’t do make-up and realistically my ‘getting ready to start the day look’, takes 30 minutes, and that’s  including my shower time, which becomes 20 in the summer, as I don’t blow dry my hair!  I am always apologizing to those I meet, as I am coated in fur, doesn’t matter if what I am wearing was just laundered, the minute I put on a clean clothes for the day I look like I rolled on the dog bed.  Basically, I am coated in fur, my house is coated in fur and think I am fairly conscientious as I vacuum the house 3-4 times a week.  I was thinking today, why do I make apologies for being coated in fur, as really I am just rocking the ode to my pets look.  If my sweater has fur poking out of it and my black pants have white hair stuck to them all that says about me is “I have a four legged friend who loves me” and that’s something to be proud of!

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