Thoughts to Paws over…

What a week, the furnace decided that after 29 years it was ready to call it quits, two days later I got rear ended on the way to an appointment, whiplash isn’t fun.  I was out walking with the dogs and thinking about whether I had made the right choice on what furnace to install and my head was pounding from the headache I haven’t been able to shake and suddenly I realized what a beautiful day it was!  My mind was cluttered with all kinds of worries and woes and there was Mattie, super excited to be out for her walk and sniffing every tree and pulling forward eager to explore.   Our furry friends have the right mentality, they live in the moment, enjoy the now and focus on enjoying their surroundings.  I took a nice deep breath, stopped to appreciate the sun light and thanked the good lord for all the blessings in my life.  I spent the rest of my walk, watching Mattie and the angst I had just drifted away!

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