Thoughts to Paws over…

Who knew…  My cat had these bumps under his chin, I thought he had gotten into a scrape with a doggie visitor, they  looked a little angry so I had them checked out by our Vet.  On the upside, Romeo’s bumps weren’t from teeth, much to my surprise, my little boy has Feline Acne.  This gave me cause to ponder, why, was it his food?  After looking up some of the causes for feline acne I figured out the culprit, stress.  My little guy likes to give the guise that he is the most chill cat on the planet…he purrs twenty-four seven.  Frankly, he is the happiest cat I know, but I sometimes give his devil may care attitude too much credence.  He too, gets worried and stressed.  To which one might be scratching their head, “what goes on in a cat’s life that can cause stress?”   We humans don’t have the corner on anxiety and stress.  A change in diet, moving furniture, a new person visiting, the list goes on and on, with cats the slightest change in their home life can create havoc in their otherwise couch prone existence.  I had to take stock of what had been going on in our lives in the past month.  I believe I have figured out what the ‘cat’alyst was and I am hoping that with the use of some Clearasil wipes under his chin and focusing on getting my little man feeling like the world is his oyster, his pimples will be a thing of the past.

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