Thoughts to Paws over…

Nose prints on the window.  When I am walking past the living room, I often notice Lucas’ slobber and nose prints on the glass and think “gotta get out the Windex”.  Once a week, I give them a good scrub so when I look out nothing obscures my view and so that people passing by won’t think I am a poor house keeper.  Today I was out walking with Diesel and I happened past one of my clients homes and noticed Cooper’s nose prints on the living room glass and I smiled from ear to ear.  Instead of seeing smudges or dirty glass, like I do at home, I saw Cooper kisses.  I spent the remainder of the walk thinking about perspective, I have been doing a lot of that lately.  I thought of a world without Lucas, I’d have clean glass, but I would much rather have smudges…lot’s and lot’s of smudges.  I am not saying I won’t clean the glass anymore…I will still clean them off once a week so that he can make new imprints,.  What I won’t do, is look at those nose prints as if they are something to feel embarrassed by.  Those nose prints let the world know that I am a pet person.  Those nose prints are special and will be sorely missed one day.

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