Thoughts to Paws over…

Life for those with four legs in our house is pretty dang good!  Last night it was just me and the boys, hanging out on the couch watching “the Blacklist”.  It is really wonderful to have their company when everyone else in the household is out and about.   The boys really enjoy it too when it is just the three of us, they sprawl out beside me while I try and find a little patch of space for myself.  Last night as I tried to hone in on the hushed conversation between Raymond Reddington and Elizabeth Keen (two of the characters on the show), my boys reveled in their comfort, so much so, that Lucas and Romeo seemed to be having a competition to see who could more aptly convey their comfort.  Lucas snored so loud an airplane engine would be drowned out and Romeo’s purring hummed like a locomotive.  I had the volume up at 30, and I will admit I am a wee bit iPod deaf, but try as I may, I could not hear the dialogue.   After a half hour I had a brain wave, Closed Captioning…it was either that or kick the boys off the couch and if you know me, that wasn’t happening!  Every animal lover can probably relate, “heaven forbid you inconvenience your four legged friend, that just would not do!”  If it was my spouse  sitting beside me  making that much noise, I’d be nudging him in the ribs saying “You’re snoring!”  But the dog and the cat, there comfort is tantamount…I will sit for ages with pins and needles making my foot ache, all in an effort not to disturb the cat from his perch on my lap.  Yup, it’s good to be dog or cat at my house!

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