Thoughts to Paws over…

Often I see meme’s on facebook with cats, recently I saw one that had a picture of a cat sitting on a persons face and the caption read “I don’t need an alarm clock, I have a cat!”  I can relate!  Everyone else in my house can slumber for hours on end, but not I!  If my feet haven’t hit the floor by 6:58 that cat of mine will pester me until I do.  He starts with a gentle jab to my chin with his paw, which gets more insistent.  If I put the comforter over my head in an effort to block him, he then jumps up on the headboard and begins to rap on the blinds, rattling and banging.  I have tried opening the blinds to end that noise, but he will not be thwarted, next he begins jumping on my feet.  So there I am, under the comforter feeling like I am suffocating, with my arm blocking my face in case an arrant claw makes it’s way under to find my lip and trying not to move a muscle in an effort to fake him out.  There is no way I am getting any sleep, I am not relaxed, I am just trying to win at this point.  I am trying to show him that I will get up, when I want to get up!  It never works though, after thirty minutes of trying to assert myself,  I realize my efforts are futile and I concede.  He always wins, I always get out of bed, he knows he has the upper paw.  Once I am showered and dressed and eating my breakfast he has fulfilled his destiny and it’s time for him to go back to sleep….it’s an exhausting and onerous task being an alarm clock!

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