Thoughts to Paws over…

Is a house a home without a pet?  I have been pondering this thought, I often find it sad the idea of not knowing the love an animal.  A reptile, rodent,  fish, bird, dog or cat, having a friend to come home to is such a blessing.  One might argue, that a fish doesn’t greet you at the door or provide any feedback to the person who cares for it.  I beg to differ, our household has had many Betas, “Blue” and “Red” being two of the most memorable and then there is “Forrest” our Plecostomus, who was a an algae eater whom I adored.   We had Forrest for over four years and when we were moving from Thunder Bay and had a seventeen hour drive ahead of us in August,  I realized that there was no way we were going to be able to bring him along on the journey.  The car was already packed, four humans, a seventy-one pound dog and two cats in a Jeep Liberty.  I still think about Forrest and wonder if he is still alive, as we ended up giving him away to a cousin of the people who bought our house.  I used to talk to him every day, as he was down stairs by the computer.  I found it extremely relaxing watching him move about the tank.  I expended many efforts saving him time after time when the power would go out and only to realize later,  that pump had shut off.  I remember calling a friend to drive me to Wal-mart late one night  when I couldn’t revive his pump, I knew he wouldn’t survive the night if I didn’t go find him a new one.  His life force was no less important to me, than any of the other members of the household.  Having another being to care for, to share one’s home with, is a blessing.  Not every person is meant to have a dog, pets are a commitment and I believe you have to gear your search for companionship,  to what you can give.   Having another being to be accountable and care for is a gift that will help nurture your spirit and brighten your day.  So if you want to enhance your home life, think about sharing it with another living being.

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