Thoughts to Paws over…

It is awesome to watch dogs and their people interact.  There are often the same people you run into day after day when out walking, you say hello and sometimes make idle chit chat.  There is Tanner and Bailey, whom get to stroll off leash, but because one of my boys gets over excited, and not always socially appropriate with other canines, they politely  move off to the side when we encounter them. There’s Harley, Marty, Zoe and the list goes on and on, you know the dogs names, but not their human counter parts names.   This afternoon, it was just Diesel and I out for a walk.  At first we didn’t see anyone, as it was a balmy -12.  When we hit the park I saw two gentlemen, three dogs, one of them being MacKenzie whom is a total sweetie.  The dogs were sniffing and getting acquainted when one managed to break free of it’s haltie, there was a lot of bending to untangle two of the dogs so traffic was at a stand still.  Normally, if I had both boys, I would hang back or change course, that would have been too much stimulation for my guy.  Diesel though is pretty reserved  when he meets other dogs, so I am not reticent to allow him to say Hello.  As we made our way along the path the four dogs meet up, and Diesel was like a fire hydrant , the dogs had to get to a whiff.  It is fun to watch the tails wag, especially when no hackles are raised and everyone gets along.  I turned to Diesel remarking that went well and the other gentleman, as he lead his canine friend away remarked “very exciting, how can you possibly keep all four paws on the ground.”  Dog people…what a remarkable breed.

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