Thoughts Paws over…

I’m not talking to myself! The average dog can learn 165 words.  When I am out walking with the dogs, I often chat away to them.   I discuss what route we are going to take, talk about the other dogs we encounter and often I like to make a commentary on the weather.  If I encounter someone shoveling their driveway or realize that there is another person within ear shot, I find myself saying “look at me, I am talking to myself.”  But I am doing no such thing!  I am talking to my  companions, like you would with anyone, you go for a walk with.  One might argue that I am talking to myself, as the dogs don’t answer back.  Those that know me, may think I just have to talk and don’t shut up.  I don’t always talk, in fact, I often walk along in silence, but sometimes there’s something to talk about and the dogs do answer.  They speak volumes with their tails, the way they cock their ears, sometimes they bark or jump up on me.  What I do know, is that they are listening.  When I am out with Lucas, I often ask him if he wants to go left or right, he will often pause as we get to a juncture, think and then off he goes. Sometimes I will comment to him on what direction I want to go and that I know he likes to go left at the path, but today I am in a hurry, my boy hears me and will often plod on  in the direction I have just said I want to go without me having to tug the leash, yes there are days I have to convince him my route is the route we following, but it amazes me he understands what I am saying.  If I have letters to post, and I say to him, we have to go to the mailbox, that dog will turn right for the mailbox, instead of going straight, like we do every morning.   And don’t get me started about my cat Romeo, he literally carries on a conversation with me, and no, I am not cuckoo.  So when you think you have caught me talking to myself, and that perhaps I am a bit of a nutter, well, maybe I am, but I am not talking to myself, I am talking to my friends!

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