Thoughts to Paws over…

Hold on folks, I am about to start on a rant!  Things with fur are very cute who can resist a furry little puppy, or a sweet little kitten tumbling with a toy, or a big old retriever with soupy eyes….but hold on, those creatures deserve a certain lifestyle beyond being featured on your instagram account!  There are those that like the “idea” of a pet!  Nothing gets me more riled up than people who have a dog, but never walk it, the poor thing watches other dogs out of the window and never experiences life beyond the back yard, frankly, it’s criminal.  Albeit, that is better than  homeless animals or shelter life, but really, if you want a pet and are never home or you are too tired at the end of the day to take a stroll, then is that animal really reaping any benefits?  I live very close to two universities and a college campus, there are a whole bunch of new apartments near the campuses that are now allowing students to have pets.  I can’t tell you how much it incenses me to see these young people walk out the front door of their building, their dog is straining on the leash, because dang it, it’s been in an apartment all day, as there isn’t even the luxury of a back yard to escape to.  As I walked down King Street outside of a few of the buildings I sadly watched  numerous young people exit their building with their dogs, no one was interacting with one another, they had their cell phones out trying to compose a text, whilst their four legged friend stood on a one by one foot patch of scrub, surrounded by pavement, cars whizzing by,  trying to figure out where to go to the bathroom.  HOLY CRAP people, use your imagination, just around the corner there are a few side streets, afford your dog the luxury of a wee jaunt and a change of scenery!!  It makes me want to cry.  These will be the same people that will be confused why their dog ate their shoes, or pees in the corner,  barks incessantly or gets anxious and strung out when it meets new people or other animals! If you are wanting a pet,  a cat might be a more suitable companion when living in an apartment, at least they can have the luxury of a litter box and a scratching post, (I still worry about the time commitment and care they are getting, but I digress).  An animal deserves to be outside and go for walks and enjoy the world.  An animal is a commitment, which means you need to walk it for longer than five minutes and further than eight feet from the front door.  An animal is a living, breathing entity which deserves a life which isn’t sedentary.   If you aren’t a walker, hire someone to help you out, if you have a busy lifestyle and aren’t home much, doggie daycare may be an option, and I am not saying this to drum up business!  I am saying this because I am tired of seeing things like a young person posting a picture of their  dog on instagram and how cute he is, and then never walks him and leaves him alone for hours on end, it’s cruel, you may not be beating the dog or depriving it of food, but you are starving it of proper care.  Pets need your time, your love and the respect of you recognizing that they are an animal and need stimulation and fresh air!  And not just one trip to the dog park once a week, the other six days put the leash on, get up a little earlier and take Fido for a good fifteen minute fresh air frenzy, and do that at least twice a day.   If you love your pet, actions , and I mean ACTION, like walking, goes a long way to having a healthy, well adjusted friend.  PET = COMMITMENT, PERIOD!  Rant probably not over…

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