Thoughts to Paws over…

I have two dogs that I walk several times a week, sometimes the one dog isn’t there as it visits another family member, on those days,  it is just me and my girl.  I love both my little friends, but I enjoy my girl time.  Today, when I went to scoop up my charges for our afternoon stroll, much to my surprise, my girl wasn’t there and it was me and the little man, that was a first.  Nothing earth shattering to share today, other than I realized how much I am attached to my furry friends.  I was enjoying my walk, but I found the whole time I was missing my little girl friend, wondering what she was up to, thinking maybe if she was there when I got back we could still go for a walk.  I was reminded today, I really like what I do and I really love who I share my time with on my walks.

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