Thoughts to Paws over…

This is the week of Geriatric pets.   As I walked in the rain this morning with a lovely old fellow, I got to thinking about a chat I had with my Mother the other day, she was telling me about the week ahead, she had the dentist on Monday, needed to get Groceries at some point and on the Friday had an appointment at the doctors.  My middle aged brain thought, “Well that sounds like a fairly laid back week, nice.”  But I came to realize that these three things on the to do list,  having to go on these outings were making the week seem arduous.  I realized that in my life, I might do all three of those things in one day, plus more, and that would be a busy, but average day.  That lead me to realizing that most likely the to do list when you are a senior can sap ones energy.  It takes so much more effort to do the things that once seemed like a piece of cake.  This week I am taking care of three very lovely senior pets, one cat, two dogs and watching them go about their days has softened me to what it will one day be like for me, when I am no longer a spring chicken, well, let’s be honest, my Spring is more like a early fall.  The cat, I have watched him over the couple years I have known him, go from a robust Tom Cat, to a rather thin, quieter version of himself.  He eats less, his bowels aren’t what they used to be and it’s much easier now to curl up on a big dog bed on the floor, rather than perch on the basket on the table as he used to.  The big old Lab that is staying with me this week, I find him remarkable in that he adjusts to the change of living with us, as well as he does, but I have learned he needs some reassurance from time to time, that I am nearby, but the change in routine makes him very tired.   As for the old gent I was walking with, or maybe I should say leisurely strolling with.  He reminded me that when I walk, I usually walk with purpose, meaning I am have one speed and it is usually  in third gear.  As I watched his legs move with as much pep as he could muster, and let me tell you, it was quite an admirable thing to watch, as his back legs sometimes forgot to join his front.  I came to appreciate that he wants to go for that walk every day, he wants to interact with the world and sniff out the neighbourhood.  In doing so, it takes a lot of his energy.  The next time I hear an elderly person feeling overwhelmed by the week ahead of them, that for me, would seem uneventful, I am going to remind myself that what once used to seem like nothing, as we get into our twilight years, demands more time, effort and energy.  Me and my friend, we meandered as I hummed “Singing in the Rain” and we took our dear sweet time. What would have normally taken me five minutes, took us 25.  It was awesome watching some Canada Geese in the woods, I watched a Chipmunk scurrying back and forth and listened to the sound of the rain.  Glorious day really, slowing down can be a good thing, I rush around too much, I am not in the moment enough.  I will get my list done, I will get where I am going eventually and there’s no reason to sweat the small stuff, I hope I remember that!

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