Thoughts to Paws over…

It was interesting, I was chatting to a person today about dog walking services, there are lot’s of them in the region, she was describing to me how things work with this one business and it got me to thinking as I was out walking.   Why do I like pet sitting and dog walking, because I love animals.  And I will be honest, I often feel guilty for charging people, but that is counter intuitive to having a business.  I would like to make a suggestion when people are hiring someone to pet sit or dog walk, make sure that the person you are hiring is someone you can trust.  For example, if you hire me to walk your dog for thirty minutes, that is what your dog is going to get, thirty minutes of walking time…not, I go in and get your dog, we drive over to an off leash park, I let your dog run around for fifteen minutes and then drive them back to your place.  Don’t get me wrong, if you are okay with that,  great!  Things to be conscious of,  sometimes people use contractors, so you meet one person, but that may not be the person that is walking your pet or coming into your home to feed the cat,  and also take into account that the individual may fluctuate.  As well, the  person that is contracted may or may not be an animal lover.  Going to an off leash area for a walk sounds great, but you have no control over what other dogs are going to be there and incidents happen.  That being said, incidents can happen anywhere, no circumstance is perfect, you can’t plan for the unexpected.  All I would like to suggest is, just make sure you know who you are entrusting your pet to and have a discussion about the service being provided so there are no surprises.   I am not trying to suggest that taking care of someone’s four legged friend is like brain surgery or you need to be a rocket scientist, but I think you should have the right motivation for providing that service.  A person who has pets of their own, is a good start.  I am the type of caregiver that if you tell me you plan on being home Thursday night, I will text you before I go to bed to make sure you got home, so that I know Fifi isn’t waiting for his insulin injection, in case you missed your flight and are not there to administer it.  The pets I take care of, they are extended family, they are my friends and as much as I appreciate being paid for the services rendered, I will also be the one who is crying my eyes out when your pet passes away ( ask me what my nightly prayers sound like because I got a list of dogs and cats…Zola, Nishka, Whiskey,  Max, Jasper, Buddy, Playto, Data, Nina, Luna, Tramp, Belle, Penny…just to name a few, that have left their paw prints on my heart).  Perhaps you prefer the concept of things being very business oriented, and I respect that, I only suggest, that you consider what it is you want for your pet and don’t be afraid to ask questions.   You have to find the right fit, what works for one person, may not be ideal for others.  For some it is about cost, for others it is finding the right person who you feel comfortable with, ultimately though, which ever route you go, remember, your pet is receiving the care.

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