Thoughts to Paws over…

Today, I was out walking with the dynamic duo, Mattie and Pud.  Mattie, is like an energizer bunny and is turbo powered, we can’t walk fast enough.  Pud, is more about sniffing everything in sight and taking his time, his thought being,” we’ve got a whole half hour to kill, what’s your rush chickie?”  When we first started out, Mattie in the lead, Pud, was walking out in front, it’s his favourite day of the week…Garbage and Recycle day.  So much fodder on the ground to sniff and try and pick up, but the kill joy on the other end of the leash is always saying “drop it!”  Ten minutes elapses and at least a dozen times I have had to remind Master Pud, that he is to let go of his current find.   We are walking along, and Pud is to my right and I look down and he smiles up at me, as he often does (literally, this dog smiles).   I look down again a few moments later and realize that I can’t see my little friend, his leash is trailing behind my legs and he is walking to my left, just out of my line of sight.  “hmmmmmmm…..” So I stop, much to Mattie’s dismay, as we had so much more ground to cover, and there is Pud with a piece of ketchup covered Tim Horton’s wrapping in his mouth, looking as pleased as punch with himself.  His eyes, if only I could have gotten a picture…it was like catching your child eating a bag of chips right before dinner.  “What?, blink, blink… What?”  I ask him to drop it, and he does without a second thought and off we go, and I keep him out front now where I can see his crafty little self.  I had a grin on my face for the rest of the walk, and so did he.

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