Thoughts to Paws over…

imageMy cat can read my mind…  I am going to be honest, I am confused why the cat can read my mind, as we’ve only known each other for just over five years and my spouse has no clue what I am thinking and we’ve been together for over 28 years.  It is interesting how my hubby can’t figure out what I want for Christmas or anticipate if I am going to go left or right in the hallway, when my Romeo can!  And he can do it in such a way that he doesn’t bang into me, no, he just cuts me off (I think this is his way to remind me that I need to keep up on my physical fitness by checking my reaction time!   If I can manage to leap over him and stay up right, he has done his duty for the day in keeping me healthy).  I was musing last night, why is it that I find it so irritating that my man can’t figure me out, but the cat, he anticipates my every move and it drives me a little batty.   If I am going to close a door to a room, Romeo will rush into it, so now I have to go extricate him so he won’t be trapped.  Last night I went to refill his dry food container and when I went to return the bag back to the closet, my dear Kitty rushed to the spot where I keep said food and parked himself there so that I either had to move him or find a new location for the bag, no, that’s not vexing in the slightest.  It is not exasperating at all that when I go to sit down, my fluffy boy jumps up and perches in the chair where my bottom is about to  land, oh what fun!  Another agility test to see if I can avoid CAT astrophy and  not crush him with my weight?   If I am about to use my iPad, then he will quickly run over to lay on it or in front of it, the  list of his psychic abilities goes on and on, and on.  If only there was a way that my spouse could harness this talent my feline friend seems to have.   If the two could find some way to be a little more like the other, if the cat could care a little less what I am doing and my hubby could step up his attentiveness just a tad, imagine the world I could live in?  Someone would just have to invent a Breathe Right Strip for my dog and my life would be truly GRAND!

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