Thoughts to Paws over…

Check your ego at the door lady!  When I walk in the house, it doesn’t matter if I have been gone for a half an hour or just stepped out to put the recycles on the curb, my boys make me feel like a rock star!  Lucas squeals and runs and gets me a toy, his tail wagging vigorously. Romeo waits for me by the door with his “what’s up beautiful?” stare.  It feels great and I feel invincible!  And then the boys bring me back to reality and remind me that although I am an awesome friend,  there are some things I don’t excel at!   I like to sing and I often like to dance,  not out in public, but in the living room or the kitchen, You know those people who stand in front of the judges on American Idol and belt out some horrid rendition of “I Will Always Love You” thinking they are the next Whitney Houston, but in reality, your ears are bleeding, that might be me.   I too, “thought I could dance,”  I am one of those people that used to watch dancers on the television and think “I can do that, I have groove!”  I will be boogieing around the living room, feeling like a fly girl and that moment occurs when man’s best friend, reminds me that I am more like a bull in a china shop and I need to check my ego at the door!  The other day I was dusting and singing my best rendition of “Hello” by Adele, and I was feeling it, I was getting goose bumps and thinking, “man, I am good!”  First, Romeo  gave me a look like I  had just sprayed water in his face, glared and left the room.  Meanwhile, Lucas, who had been snoozing on the couch,  raises an ear, then an eye, groans very loudly,  jumps off the couch and heads to the basement…  I was a bit offended by their reactions, as my Sheltie Piper used to howl when I would sing. It was very cool that she would join me as I enthusiastically belted out Christine Daae’s parts in Phantom of the Opera, it was like we were a doing a duet.   Apparently my boys have a better ear for musical talent.   I have come to realize I might be better at entrances than singing !   Oh well, guess it is time to face facts,  I am not going to be the next winner of the Voice any time soon, but I still have the love of my furry friends!

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